Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tempting Top Tens - Dramas

Are there certain movies that tempt you to re-watch them? It's been such a relief discovering other bloggers who also confess to re-watching the six hour Pride and Prejudice series, too. (P & P will show up on some of my other Tempting Top Ten lists for the A-Z blogging challenge). In the meantime here is my list of movies in the D is for Drama category - movies that have Tempted me into multiple viewings.

10. Gone With the Wind. I love how feisty Scarlett is, that look of determination and devilry in her eye - played so well by Vivien Leigh.

9. Hunt for Red October - I love how the Russian submarine captain (Sean Connery aaaaahhhh) -  has to take a risk in trusting the American sub he encounters - whose captain also has to take a great risk.

8. Seabiscuit - so we are a family of horse fanatics, but really you don't even have to like horses to like this movie, because there are so many characters and layers and quirks that mesh together in surprising ways.

7. Anna Karenina (1997 version with Sean Bean and Sophie Marceau). A sumptuous movie that does a wonderful job contrasting the two love stories - one doomed, one filled with hope.

6. The Godfather - I'm not proud of this one, but it's a strangely addictive movie. I still watch it from time to time to try and figure out how it makes you care about not just one monster, but a whole family of them.

5. Gladiator - another one I re-watch to figure out what is so drawing about it (certainly not the violence, or the historical liberties). Compelling characters, yes - Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix and Connie Nielson are riveting - and also exquisitely crafted scenes.

4. Witness - inner city cop (Harrison Ford) forced to hide out at an Amish family farm - an extreme clash of cultures. The raising-the-barn scene is my all-time favorite movie scene. It's not just about building a barn in a day (though that alone is amazing to watch); there are all sorts of subtle things going on in addition.

3. The Horse Whisperer - okay, yeah, I'm crazy about horses. But I still insist it's a great movie for many other reasons than a few great horse scenes. The four main characters (and I'm not counting the horse) have complications and character-arcs that intersect in so many interesting ways.

2. Casablanca - it's possible this movie gets better every time I watch it. The dialogue seems like it should be dated, but it remains timeless.

1. Shawshank Redemption - a powerful movie, I can't put together any words that do this movie proper justice. It simply must be seen.

What movie has tempted you to watch it more than once - or many times?

The letter D also inspires me to mention Dead Poets' Society (another great drama), Dune by Frank Herbert (the movie version, not so much) and Dracula by Bram Stoker - the original book is still by far the best.

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