Friday, April 27, 2012

Tempting Top Ten: eXquisite things

Originally I was going to post a top ten list of eXquisite places to visit for today's A-Z blogfest. But I needed today's post to be short and sweet, so I'm going to make YOU do the work. Muahaha!

There are ten things I absolutely love about this eXquisite graphic image I found on Deviant Art. Just looking at this image makes me happy. It looks like the perfect studio for a writer or artist, and completely affordable, too (ha, ha).

IMAGE REMOVED but can be viewed on Togman Studio's Deviant Art page:  Oriental Palace

So tell me what you think would make my top ten list of eXquisite things in this image. Bonus if anyone can guess one thing I love that is MISSING from these studio walls (hint, read my "About Me" blurb to the right).

 Or, tell me what your dream studio would look like!

As a followup to Tuesday's post on my Tempting Top Ten list of Villains, y'all came up with some more truly vivacious villains. The Ringwraiths! Jafar. Captain Hook. Ra (in Stargate). The Borg. Khan. Rasputin! Thank you - all your feedback made that a wonderfully fun post!

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