Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The worst roads in America

After the terrible floods in Colorado three weeks ago, just an hour away from where I live, I'm cringing as I write about the snow storm that hit our town on Friday. It's just so minor in comparison. But I just have to say, we have the worst roads in America where I live. I don't have scientific data to prove this, but I'm originally from Buffalo, NY, which is infamous for its blizzards, and I don't remember ever seeing so many horrible accidents when I lived there as I do here in Laramie, Wyoming.

 During last week's snowstorm while dropping off/picking up kids from school (because we've NEVER had a snow day in this city), I saw three separate car wrecks.  On the highway between Laramie and Cheyenne, it's fairly routine to see accidents like this (there's even a webpage detailing them) and the saying goes if you are an unfortunate commuter on this highway: "it's not IF you have accident, it's WHEN you have accident."

It was sunny and 70 degrees here today, and all the snow's gone. But at 7200 ft and surrounded by mountains, we can get snow any time of the year from September through June.

Okay, on to more typical topics.

What I'm reading: just picked up an interlibrary loan of the second book of the Temeraire series, by Naomi Novik, because SHOCKINGLY our library did not have a copy of this book! Can't wait to start reading it. I do so love Regency era proper British dragons.

What I'm writing: I'm in planning mode for NaNoWriMo. I'm not writing anything at the moment except random notes. I'm also still kind of in a writing slump that I talked about last week.

What's inspiring me right now:  I took my 12 and 9 year old daughters to the Colorado Ballet production of Giselle on Saturday, and the dancing is still going on in my dreams. And I'm also mulling over this dark fairytale, wondering if I could write a modern-day retelling of it.

What's inspiring you currently?

Oh, and many apologies for not returning comments on my post last week. I'm frightfully behind but I promise I will get caught up!


  1. What's inspiring me...hmm. How bits and pieces of my novel are starting to come together in ways I never could have imagined. It's amazing and wonderful and fun. And since I know this writing business is such a rollercoaster ride, I'm going to savor these blissful moments!

  2. Lovely Margo - yay for your Nanowrimo planning! And yay too for continuing to find writerly inspiration with Giselle! Good luck!

    Please be careful on this particular stretch of road! Take care

  3. Planning isn't a writing slump, at least to me. The ideas are percolating and forming anda growing. Cheers to your November!

  4. My goodness, I know what you mean about the roads in Wyoming. My grandmother lived there all growing up, and we'd go to visit her once or twice a year. Never in the winter. South Pass was always closed. (And rightly so.)



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