Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ten reasons why the Croods make me happy

 I've been waffling over whether to post this, because it seems kind of silly. The Croods isn't an epic movie, or even a particularly memorable one. But I'm going to call this a celebration of imagination.

1. Earlier this year, one top ten prompt was concepts/settings we'd like to see more of, and I wanted some more settings like Avatar. Dangerous and beautiful, outrageously imaginative, with lots of new animals. Thank you, makers of the Croods, for feeling the same way. This prehistoric fantasy world blends leopards with owls, macaws with saber-tooths, elephants with mice, birds with piranhas, whales with...rhinos? For someone crazy about mythical creatures, these creature-concoctions were pure delight.

2.  The animation. The scene when Eep sees fire for the first time - the dance of embers in the night sky - so beautiful. And the scene with the stars. Even displayed our old, old TV, about as far from high definition as you can get, the stars were amazing. Oh, and that tropical water? Most delicious water I've ever seen.

3. The love of story telling. When I start reading or telling a story to one of my kids, the other three will magically appear to listen, too. So when the Croods get a chance to hear a new story, told by Guy, I loved how they waited with wide eyes, breathless to hear him tell a story.

4.  Great voices. Emma Stone voices Eep, and I could close my eyes and listen to her voice all day. Grug is voiced by Nicolas Cage.

5. A different kind of beauty. Eep's face is odd-shaped, her body is squat and compact, and she's incredibly strong. She's not built like a supermodel or a Barbie, but she's beautiful.

6. Guy is THE cutest boy I've ever seen, animated or not. My personal opinion, people, don't judge me :)

7. Belt, Guy's pet,  is pretty cute too.

8. "Release the baby!"

9. "I thought he was a wart hog, but he turned into a boy." "Strange, usually it's the reverse."

10. "He was a hunter, I was a gatherer. We were quite the scandal."

What silly or imaginative thing has made you happy lately?


  1. I LOVE this movie, especially because the heroine isn't some skinny girl. She's brave and knows what she wants. And Emma Stone is hilarious as always.

  2. Sounds awesome. I haven't seen it, but now I want to!

  3. This movie is in my Netflix queue! I thought it looked cute, and I'm looking forward to seeing it.

    The Disney Pixar films make me marvel every time. They're so clever! Monsters Inc. and Toy Story are my favorites. I admire every imaginative detail and hilarious joke!

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  4. Here is where I sadly admit, I haven't seen it yet. Movie night at the Collier house on Saturday!

  5. I love animated movies, but haven't had the chance to check this one out yet. I really should sometime, since the commercials for it made it look pretty amusing!

  6. Aww, I haven't seen this yet, but you make it sound well worth a watch!

  7. I have never even heard of this, but it looks so adorable! Man, I love "kids' " movies. They're such "me" movies :)

  8. We all saw this back in the Spring and loved it. For weeks my kids were yelling duh duh duh. The DVD is on my younger one's holiday wish list. I loved Grug's character arc, and the whole father-daughter relationship thing. Beautiful to watch. Memorable in our house, at least.



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