Sunday, October 20, 2013

Reader/blogger wishlists on Twitter #RBWL

Once or twice a year (ha ha) I actually spend some time on Twitter, and tomorrow October 21st is one of those days. I missed the last time wishlists went wild on Twitter, but not this time. Here's the details, as a repost from Shae @ Shae Has Left the Room

Agents on Twitter get together every so often to tweet about their manuscript wishlists under the hashtag #MSWL. It’s their chance to really delve into the nuances of what they’re looking for from writers. I love reading their answers as a reader, because I get to see what they’re looking for and, consequently, what will most likely be arriving on my shelves in the future. (Hopefully.) 
However, I wanted to do more than just read the wishlists. I wanted to contribute!
On the spur of the moment, I whipped up #RBWL (Reader/Blogger Wishlist), a hashtag for reader and bloggers to compile their own wishlists on Twitter. [Read the recap here.] Not only is it a great way to compare desires with fellow book-lovers, but we even had a few authors and agents sniffing around our thread. Who knows, if a specific idea is shown to have enough pull in the market, maybe someone within the publishing behemoth will give us our wish someday. 
On Monday (October 21st) at 12 EST, we’re going to tweet our wishlists on Twitter. #RBWL will then continue until no one’s contributing anymore. The last one literally ran all day, so it was easy for people across time zones to jump on when they had time. 
To recap: 
Who: Every reader everywhere!
What: #RBWL, a chance to tweet your reading wishlist and compare with other readers
When: October 21, 2013 from 12 PM EST (9 AM PST) until we decide to stop :)
Where: Twitter
How: Just tweet what you’d like to see (sci-fi? a new type of retelling? a contemporary in a specific setting?) and tag #RBWL at the end of your tweet
The more people we have, the more ideas will fly, the more fun we’ll have, and the more others will notice, so spread the word! Tweet about it, write a post, Tumbl, text a friend, but don’t forget to show up on Monday and tell us YOUR ideas!


  1. Hope you have fun twittering away!! I am still a complete ignoramous when it comes to all things twitter and don't understand all this hashtag stuff but so many find all this enjoyable and productive so yay for you! Take care

  2. That's today!!! I'll see if I can stop by. Awesome idea!

  3. Such a cool idea! I'll have to remember to jump in :D

  4. I didn't know about the #MSWL hashtag. I'm gonna search it. And what a fun hashtag you and others have worked up!

  5. I just went on Twitter and saw it. Cool idea!



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