Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition

When I scanned through my Goodreads books for this list, I purposely only picked books I loved that didn't have many ratings or reviews yet.

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish blog with a different top ten list theme (all related to books) every Tuesday (see the full list here).

1. Jennifer H. Lynne (MG/YA crossover)- Catch Rider - this book just came out and it's the first debut book this year that got a 5 star rating from me, the rating I save only for books that steal my heart and I know I'll want to read again (and again). This is an author I'm already waiting impatiently for more more books from. Yes, it's a horse book, but I think anyone would fall in love with Sidney, the main character. Her voice! Oh my, I absolutely loved her voice, honest and belligerent without being snarky... and a touch redneck! I'll be posting a review on this one soon.

2. Diane Lee Wilson (MG)- I've read two of her books, To Ride the God's Own Stallion (boy main character, set in ancient Assyria) and I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade (girl main character, set in Kublai Khan's Mongolia) and I plan to read all her books. These are both AMAZING historicals, with great characters, intense scenes (races, lion hunts!), and beautiful, heart-felt writing. I cannot believe these books are not more popular. I almost want to go on personal crusade to every book store and library within driving distance to promote these books.

3. Gail Giles (YA) - Right Behind You. This is a riveting book, about a boy who accidentally kills another neighborhood kid, and living with the consequences - it's surprisingly full of hope and a tremendous read. This author has more ratings than the others on my list, but still not as many as I expected. I plan to read more of her books.

4. Jeanette Ingold (YA), The Window. From my review: "The writing in this book is so charged, it's almost electrified."  Another author I want to read more of, and am surprised she has garnered so little attention.

5. Laurel Garver (YA), Never Gone.  An Indie author with a story that tugged at my heart, and impressed me with some of its beautiful and relatable touches. From my review: I've never experienced grief on the level as Dani, but I felt like I was going through her grief with her, her confusion and frustration and yearning - I was drawn that close to her character. "It's like I woke up in another country and all the maps in my head have only made me more lost."

6. Lisa Gail Green (YA), The Binding Stone. Another Indie author with a fast-paced story about djinnis and teenagers with an interesting mix of humor and darkness. From my review: I love present-time and past-time threaded stories. Love, love, love! The Binding Stone weaves the two times together delicately and relentlessly. 

7. Laura Pauling (YA),  A Spy Like Me. Indie author I'll definitely read more of especially since her recent release, Heist, has a time twist in it (love those!) From my review of A Spy Like  Me: "Reminded me of an up-to-date version of a Nancy Drew mystery, but with more complexity, more tension, and - best of all - a great teen voice that kept me smiling through all the adventure, mystery, and French pastries"

8. Karen Hancock (Christian), Arena.  I read this book so long ago it wasn't even on my Goodreads list, but when this Top Ten topic came up I knew I needed to add it (and I plan to read it again). After the first chapter, this book takes you off on a wild ride that I can't even describe. It's sort of like a dystopia, sort like a fantasy, with a feel of the Hunger Games in there, too. I was hoping to see it had more ratings on Goodreads since it's been out now for 10 years, but I was pleased to see it's been repackaged and reprinted! I think this one has potential to become a cult classic.

9. Lynn Hall  (MG) - I've read nearly a dozen of her books: these were staples that I grew up on, mostly published in the 1980's. Her most famous is A Horse Called Dragon, but they are all great kids horse and dog books. I read them over and over. They are just as good as many of Marguerite Henry's famous books like Misty of Chincoteague.

10. Mary O'Hara (MG), My Friend Flicka series. I'm cheating here because My Friend Flicka is justifiably famous with a movie to its name and a remake. But the movies are so not like the book, they don't begin to do it justice. And the rest of the series is sadly neglected, even though I feel the books get even better. These stories are beloved to kids but they have a near mystical quality to them in certain spots, too, plus a lot of deep things to ponder over. I have read them over and over and over and each time I get more out of them.  My absolute favorite books!

What author(s) do you think deserve more recognition?


  1. Yay Laura, Laurel, and Lisa. The Three L's. :D

    There are a few YA authors I know who should be on the list but I'm currently blanking on their names.

  2. You've listed some interesting sounding books. That's a pretty horse on the cover of CATCH RIDER. Sadly I have way too many books right now to add anymore to my TBR book list.

  3. Wow. Thank you so much for including me! I feel honored. :) I always love your suggestions and your book reviews!

  4. Some of these are on my list. I should bump them up to the top. Love this idea! It's a great way to spread the word about good books.

  5. Wow, I don't know most of these books! From the list, I've only heard of Lisa Gail Green and Gail Giles. I haven't read the books of theirs you listed, but I have read Gail Giles' Shattering Glass. Looks like I should check out Right Behind You sometime!

  6. Ooh, great list! I especially like the sound of Diane Lee Wilson. Exciting historical MG is right up my alley!

    I don't remember ever reading My Friend Flicka, but I know my sister did, and loved it. She thought it was much better than Black Beauty or any of the other horse books she read. I didn't even know it was a series! I bought the first one for my girls when they're a little older, and if they love it, I'll have to make sure to get the rest of the series.

  7. I've never heard of any of these authors before, but I'm glad you've put them on my radar now. Nice list!

  8. Honored to be included! What a great list!

  9. I'm sensing a very strong, horsey theme here...

    I will say that when I got to the MG books in Assyria and Monglia, I flailed and then sprinted for my TBR list. Thanks for bringing them to my attention!



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