Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tempting Top 10 lists

That's my theme for the April A-Z blogging challenge -"Tempting Top 10 Lists."

I'd like to transition from a very narrow niche blog, focused on writing, to something broader that will appeal to more people - people who (in addition to all my wonderful writing friends) may be interested in reading my books someday when I get them published.
******We interrupt this post to announce the winner of Scarlet, the new YA retelling of Robin Hood (where Will Scarlet is a girl) by debut author A.C. Gaughen.  
This giveaway was part of the Kick-Butt Character blog hop in which I discovered dozens of new must-read books and new book bloggers. At, I entered a range from 1-77, the number of comments. That's a new record of comments for me! Phew - it's gonna take me a while to meet all the new people, but since they were willing to follow me, I'm eager to follow back. gave me the number nine - Laura Marcella you are the winner and I'll be emailing you for your address.
Okay, back to the program.

I've been pondering how to transition from a writing blog to something broader for months now, reading lots of posts (in particular author Roni Loren has addressed this issue really thoughtfully). The problem was figuring out what was I going to transition to?

I started experimenting with something new, my Friday "Mythical Madness" posts, because as y'all know I am crazy about mythical creatures - well, myths in general. I figured it was good to start with something I loved (because hey, it's worked really well with writing  (YES, I still plan to continue to post on writing on a regular basis, just like Roni Loren does). But blogging about mythical creatures is still a fairly narrow niche. (My younger children love it: my husband and teenager - not so much).

What better opportunity than the A-Z blogfest to stretch out and try new subjects? Y'all are going to get a buffet of topics, a hodgepodge, a veritable smorgasbord of everything I can think of that sounds tempting - from food to fantastical places and lots of stuff in between.  At first I was daunted by the idea of coming up with ideas for 26 posts in ONE MONTH, but when I started tossing some ideas around, things got a little crazy. Ideas started breeding like rabbits. Now I'm not claiming they were all particularly *good* ideas. Some of them might fail, spectacularly. But the only true failure is when you give up, right?

By the way, if you are interested in a truly mind-bending challenge, check out the Make Something 365 website. If you had unlimited time, what kind of creative challenge would you take on for 26 days (A-Z blogfest) or 365 days (Make Something challenge)?

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