Saturday, December 24, 2011

A mythical creature Christmas

I love stories about mythical creatures, and I love Christmas. So as I was brainstorming to share something about Christmas that doesn't sound trite or oft-repeated, I tried one of the new tricks in my creative bag - take something ordinary and familiar (Christmas is certainly familiar, though maybe not so ordinary when you consider the source of it) and something not-so-ordinary... mythical creatures. 

So here's some Christmas fun I came up with when I threw some mythical creatures into the mix:

~ A stable full of mythical creatures instead of farm animals. Replace the cattle with gryffins, donkeys with pegasi, sheep with sphinx, and doves with a pair of phoenix. Imagine the surprise of the wise men and shepherds when they arrive! But no dragons, please: a stable is too flammable

~ a werewolf that changes into a flying were-deer on Christmas eve

~ a vampire whose skin turns shimmery when he's caught out in the open on Christmas day. Instead of shimmering like diamonds, he's multi-colored like a Christmas tree

~ a light-up unicorn horn for a tree-topper

~ sirens singing Christmas Carols and enchanting hordes of holiday shoppers

~ mermaids slurping eggnog

~ Rumplestiltskin spinning straw into endless Christmas presents, complete with wrapping and bows

I love all the old fashioned traditions of Christmas too. My kids and I make Christmas cookies ever year, get pictures with Santa, open advent calendars together, re-watch all the great old (and new) Christmas movies, and always go to a candlelight Christmas service. I love how you can point all the old traditions (even Santa/Father Christmas in a round-about way) back to the source of it all: Jesus becoming a man, coming to earth not as a king but as baby born in a humble stable, to grow up among us and live as we do. 

But isn't it fun to add new twists to old beloved traditions, too? What mythical creature would you add to your holiday season for fun?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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