Friday, December 9, 2011

Hobbit holes, reveals, and revision quotes

Things that struck me this week (no bruises, fortunately):

1) In response to  my last post about highly desirable writing/reading nooks, Angelica Jackson left a comment with a link to a bunch more great images of dreamy writing spaces collected by Kate Hart. Here's an adorable converted closet I could almost afford to do on my own! Slightly less affordable, but still very enticing to writers, there's a company that builds hobbit holes in Britain, starting at a mere 8000 pounds.

2) Refreshing what you know is a good thing. If you've been working on your writing craft for a while, it's easy to think you've got all the basics covered. Really? Janice Hardy reminds us how much we all need refreshing.

3) Writers are sort of like stri*pers. 
Okay, revealers is probably a better term. I came to this conclusion after reading this great Moody Writing post. Here's a snippet (but read the whole thing for a great example - he makes such an excellent point!).

Your job is NOT to write how that character deals with that situation. Your job is to write how that character deals with that situation in a way that reveals who they are to the reader.

4) How to write more efficiently and enthusiastically. This has been all over the web (I found it at Erica and Christy's first), but it's still worth mentioning. I still highly doubt I could ever achieve writing 10,000 words in one day, but this article makes me at least want to try!

5) How does Laura Marcella do it? She keeps turning up amazingly relevant quotes. This week's batch is  revision. quotes. Here's my favorite.

I love revisions. Where else in life can spilled milk be transformed into ice cream?
{Katherine Paterson}

6) I took my twin girls to Arthur Christmas for their 5th birthday. I might have loved the movie more than them. I think of it sort of as "Santa Claus meets Star Trek". Or maybe Mission Impossible. Either way, you have to see it to find out what Santa does when stranded in the Serengeti. FIVE STARS. It switched my bah humbug mood into Merry Christmas mood.

Are you feeling bah humbug during this over-commercialized season, or are you merrying your way along?

Oh, and Janet Sumner Johnson has a great Christmas controversy going: The Grinch vs. The Christmas Carol. Go vote!

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