Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Magical Revolving Writing (or Reading) Chair

 I love when people post pictures of their writing spaces. It makes me feel creative just seeing other places where people write, what they surround themselves with for inspiration, motivation or practical use. I've never posted pictures of my space, because my laptop, Lizzie, and I move around a lot - I don't have a desk or a favorite place. I collect everything that inspires me, motivates me and helps me right here on my blog.

If I did have a favorite writing or reading place, it would be a magical revolving chair (inspired by Laura Pauling's magical traveling beach house). I'd press a button on the armrest and it would spin around (not too fast, because I wouldn't want to lose hold of my laptop or my book) and transport me to anyone of these locations:

A loft full of books and light (source)
A cozy place under the stairs (source)

A window seat with a beautiful garden outside (source)

Or a conservatory (source) like this one or just about any place that turns up when I google "images conservatory"

Or a by a luxurious fireplace like this one (source)

Or a hobbit hole - this is for real! - some one actually built this! (source)

 The inside of the hobbit hole:

And since it's a magical chair, it could even transport me to a fantasy world just like the one I'm writing or reading about - like this one! (source)

Which one is your favorite? Or what setting would you add?

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