Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A winner, a new contest, progress and hobbits

The winner of January's contest is Old Kitty! Contact me and two books of your choice will be waiting eagerly for your selection.

This contest worked so well (see my progress chart above! YAY!) that I am doing it again. Specifics are below, but in short, all you have to do is be a follower and comment on this post by Feb 28th with a few encouraging (or prodding) words to help me meet my March 1st writing goal.

This time: TWO winners will get their choice of a book from Amazon ($15 gift e-card each for the two winners, a little extra if you aren't in the U.S. to cover shipping).

Oh, about hobbits. Anybody see TH Mafi's post about hobbits? Racist hobbits - who knew? I still love hobbits though. If you've ever read my profile, I have an inordinate fondess for mythical creatures, even the sharped-teethed (dragons, chimeras and the like), and apparently even racist kind. Little known fact about hobbits: Tolkien came up with the name from the Old English words hol byldan, meaning 'to build a hole'.

And did you know that scientists are saying hobbits may be related to humans now? Scary things you discover when googling.

Back to your comments and my progress, I loved your comments! (over 40 of them, 70 total entries after adding the tweets and following and other nice extra things you did for me). You guys came up with some funny creative comments and now I'm addicted. And it seriously helped. SEVEN of you came back and got extra entries for offering a second comment (and I think a couple even stopped by three times. Woot!).

One most awesome writer, @nicholegiles, offered to tweet motivation regarding my #writegoal. Exchanging writegoals is so much fun, I'd love to have others join in (I'm @writerWyoming. I'd love to hear your #writegoal and tweet motivation, and victory when you reach it).

A few contest specifics: you must be a follower and leave a comment about my writing progress (see chart at top of blog). You can get an extra entry each for 1) already being follower, just let me know; 2) sidebar link to this contest 3) Facebook post about this contest and 4) Tweet about this contest. Two winners will be chosen by random.org.

You can get 3 extra entries each time if you come back with another comment after I repost my word count progress chart at the end of every Sunday in February (that's a total of 12 extra points). And - stealing this idea from Lisa Gail Green - I'll give an extra 9 entries (why 9? I dunno) for the most creative comment (whether it's encouraging, annoying, A.D.D.-hyper-ish, favorite cartoon-character-ish, favorite novel-character-ish, sky's the limit).

One of my favorite comments from last month: If this were a drinking contest, I'd shout "CHUG!" I guess "WRITE!" is more appropo? - Victoria Dixon.
Let the creative comments roll!


  1. Congratulations, Old Kitty. As you always say, Yay!!!

    Okay, Margo. You only have to write 12,871 words by the 1st March - that's ONLY 460 words a day (including today). You can and will do it.

    Sorry, I'm in to the tough love approach!

    I'm running my own competition, if you're interested here's the link - 200 Followers Q & A Competition

  2. So glad all the comments are helping! Go, go, go! You're doing fabulous. :D

  3. Need I say I'm a follower? ;) ok, enough of me being silly.
    So, since you write mostly on the week-ends now, I say an average of 4000 per week-end is necessary.

  4. Hurray to Old Kitty!

    You've been doing great so far Margo! Only 12k more to go, you can so do this! This is nothing compared to the crazy that goes on in November. So no excuses, get writing! :) (I'm already a follower.)

    Best wishes!

  5. Hoooray for me!! Oh wow!!!! Yay!!!!! Thank you so so so so so so so so so so much!!!!! Wow!! thank you!! Yay!!! :-)*I'm doing a little jig around my computer table!*

    Awww what else can I say except "YOU GO GIRRRLFRIEND!!!!!!"


    Hobbits are so misunderstood!! :-) Take care

  6. Congrats Old Kitty! And I agree with Ellie, you're almost there, you can do it!

  7. YAY YOU'RE SO CLOSE! ::throws confetti:: You can SO do this. :)

    I would so follow you on Twitter, but I grounded myself from Twitter and Facebook until I knock out the beginning on my WIP. :\ find me!! (@ashelynnS)

  8. No, this may not be easy, but nothing worth doing is ever easy...and this is worth doing. You can do it!!!

  9. Impressive. *Darth Vader breath* Most impressive. Seriously. :D Congratulations on the word count and keep it coming!

  10. Oh, and thanks for the shout out. :D Now off to investigate your racist hobbits. It's something I've always wondered about a bit because Tolkien was born in South Africa, but sadly, it would not have surprised me. Racism was an accepted part of the world at the time, for one thing.

  11. Wow, your organization inspires me! You will certainly go far with this approach. Will be watching your progress....I am a follower.

  12. Yes you should tweet about your progress more! You have one month to go... you can do this.

  13. I really respect this all-out push for wordcount! Flame on!

  14. I'm going to try and match your word count goal each week. That will keep me motivated (and commenting). I'm starting at 30k though. My current WIP has taken me so much longer than previous books, so I need a little push. By the way, know any Kenningtons in Laramie? We have family there. :)

  15. Give me a Y. E. S. Give me a Y. O. U. Give me a C.A.N. Yes you can! :) (I suppose being a virtual cheerleader takes the sting out of never making it in high school. A little.) Keep going!

  16. Oh the pressure! Now I'm on the other side. :D LOL. And btw, I told Tahereh she shouldn't give the hobbits such a bad rap. Now as to motivation...

    IDK - I'm coming up dry this morning. But you know what? YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Because we all know you can. And I mean not just write the words, but write a great story. So there.

  17. You're doing great, and I'm glad you got a boost from all the comments last month. You're so close to your goal word count this week it's not even funny, you know you can crank out some words and get back on track!

    I'll be over here, cheering on the sidelines with brownies for when you break even.
    - Sophia.

  18. I wanted to respond to your comment about the Kindle. You don't need a Kindle to download the sample. On amazon, click on the book - but make sure you click on the Kindle version! On the right side at the top should be Click to buy and underneath that should be Click to download free sample. And it should go to your Kindle for PC. Let me know how it goes!

  19. I am impressed first with how you can keep track of everyone's points AND write!! You are almost there and will make it! I am a follower already.
    Now why are you wasting time reading this? Go WRITE!!

  20. Tolkien said Hobbits are related to humans, too! Someday when I'm independently wealthy, I'm building myself a hobbit-hole. :)

  21. Wow, it looks like you're a bit behind. You should be somewhere close to 70k by now but are only at 64k. You can really do this, you know you can. You did NaNoWriMo - and won - and you had to have written about 5k in a single day sometime last November. Not to mention you only have 10k more to finish the whole thing and a whole 14 more days to do it in! I mean, you would be trying to fork out about 25k more words in the same amount of time were this were NaNoWriMo!

    This is a walk in the park compared to that! You can do this! Good Luck!!

  22. Just started a Jillian Michaels workout, and here's what she'd say to you:

    "Publishing a book doesn't come free! You gotta WORK!!!"

    Best of luck with the work. :)



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