Monday, February 14, 2011

Blogging love on Valentine's Day

Kate Hart, Tahereh Mafi and and Kristen Miller hosted a secret valentine's set up, and my secret valentine, now revealed, is

Chelsey Blair at Sense and Disability

About Chelsey: she claims she's just an average 21 year old*, but check out her blog, "an aspiring YA author full of book reviews, musings on writing, life and being a young adult with a disability."

She also features books that have to do with young people with disabilties, and she does a great job with book reviews. She lists Maureen Johnson as one of her favorite YA authors, and I definitely agree! I fell in love with Girl At Sea, 13 Little Blue Envelopes, and the Key to the Golden Firebird. She's also a fan of Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters.

Chelsea, I wanted you to wish a wonderful Valentine's day, I loved reading your recent posts, and I'll continue to be your not-so-secret bloggy admirer.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my Love Story Plots, or 13 ways to mess with your characters. I loved all the feedback! and now I have several more categories to add to my list.

  • Old Kitty added "Twisted love" - a little Fatal Attraction, anyone?
  • Which also reminded me of another related category, "Untrustworthy love" - the love interest that might have ulterior motives, but you're just not sure, and have to keep reading to find out!
  • Len suggested "Love lost and found"
  • Robyn suggested "Never Quite Gets a Chance to Be Love But It Really Is" (Remains of the Day)
  • Sophia cracked me up with her love mess, "just because they love each other they don't have to be happy about it"
  • Will suggests "Nerd's Bane" - the nerd is just smitten, but the object of the devotion thinks of them as a "Special Friend."
  • And I just discovered a similiar post with Love Story Archetypes at the Enchanted Inkpot.

My writing goal giveaway update: sadly, my progress chart (see top of blog), is not climbing as fast as it should toward my March 1st goal. Where have all my wonderful encouragers gone? I need you!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. What's your favorite way to celebrate?

1) watch the movie Valentine's Day and smirk because Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner are SOOO history
2) have a candlelight dinner with your significant other
3) have a love-letter burning party with your best friends (anyone remember that Friends episode?)
4) splurge on chocolate (the one day a year we can do this entirely guilt free)
5) other? do tell!!! (PG rating, please)

*Not only did I get Chelsey's age wrong but I misspelled her name the second time, too! What a good sport she is! Also, late breaking news, my "secret blog admirer" was CA Marshall and she gave me a map valentine! She noticed I love maps! Totally made my day :)


  1. Margo I am very disappointed with your progress bar! GET BACK TO WRITING!

  2. Watching Sense and Sensibility with a tall glass of drambuie and ginger ale and a batch of cinammon rolls with kitty. The Man is optional! LOL!!!

    Ooops, I just read Elizabeth Briggs comment!! Yikes!!! LOL!!

    p.s. a big Hello to Chelsey Blair!!!

    Take care

  3. I had a dinner and movie planned with the hubby (this was going to be my first time to the theater in almost three years!), but the kiddos got So it's a family night with The Princess Bride and chili instead :)

  4. Find your computer, put your fingers on the keyboard, and get going. You can do this!! Don't worry everyone has setbacks. But you can do this!! Be strong and very courageous. You can do this!!!

  5. Aww you're so sweet!! Thanks so much!!!!


    twenty-one actually. I'll be twenty-two next week.

  6. My husband made me steak and lobster for dinner tonight. It was awesome.

    It was supposed to be a surprise, but my 6 yo blurted it out when we were waiting for my oldest to finish his ballroom dancing class.

  7. GO CHELSEY! Dang, when I was 21/22 I could barely get out of bed in the morning. How awesome is she?!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. You are a wonderful writer. Loved reading you! Keep up the good work!

  9. Number two would have worked if a sick child was feeling better :) Great post

  10. Encourage, encourage! :) I didn't meet my goal this week either, but I'm getting right back on the horse. This week is a meet or exceed week for sure!!

    And, I don't celebrate Valentines. Valentine's Day Scrooge here.

  11. Hello Fellow Crusader!I usually celebrate Valentine's Day by making a heart-shaped something for dinner or dessert, a cake, a big cookie, a meatloaf, etc. However, theis year V-Day fell on bookclub night so we went together to discuss The Five People that you Meet in Heaven!

  12. Clearly I need to go and check out the rest of the comments on the love story plots post because holy cow what if I missed more brilliant ideas like Will's 'Nerd's Bane'?! It even has a fantastic name for Pete's sake.

    I shall now go make amends on being your cheerleader/evil fitness trainer who keeps upping how many sit-ups, er, words you have to do before you can quit!
    - Sophia.

  13. All right, Lady - stop writing these AMAZING posts and get back to work!!!!! I mean it. I'm not above coming over there - and that, well, that would be kind of scary. :P

  14. Awesome work on the 1,000 words!! Keep up the good work. You can do it!

  15. Stay with it! You'll be soooo happy when you reach your goal!

    Hello from the crusade, by the way. Following.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  16. Sometimes a girl needs to stop and eat chocolate and THEN get back to writing. (You will make up the words! Never fear!) :)

  17. Welcome to the crusade, nice to see you set these goals. I already write too much, my chart would be in reverse, let's see how much you can NOT write today... LOL.



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