Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Top ten famous cars

What's your dream car?  I have a whole list depending on my mood (classic mood, attention-getting mood, "don't mess with me" mood). One of the fun things about writing fiction is that I can put my character in any one of them without going to a great deal of painful expense like you'd have to go through in real life.

There really aren't any famous cars in books, though, except maybe that Stephen King demon car Christine. These things are meant to be seen and not just read about.

Since I haven't done a non-bookish Top Ten in a lonnnnng time, here's a list of my favorite famous cars I've seen from the movies and TV shows. 

10. The Italian Job - Mini Coopers 
I didn't appreciate these little beauties until my stepdaughter bought one (just like the one in this pic) and I actually started driving it once in a while. So. Much. Fun. 

9. The Cannonball Run - Lamborghini Countach
I couldn't believe such things could be real, when I saw this movie for the first time in the 1980's. 

8. Back to the Future - 1981 De Lorean DMC-12
Unlike the Countach, the De Lorean hasn't managed to retain its "cool factor" so much. It looks very dated. But it will always be cool because of the movie. 

7. From the movie Transformers: Bumblebee transformed into a Chevrolet Camaro, always updating to the last model (wouldn't that be nice in real life). 

6. From the TV show Knight Rider - "KITT" 1982 Pontiac Firebird TransAm. When I was 13 years old, this was the ULTIMATE car. I always wondered if you could buy it with that cool moving red light in the front. 

5. From the movie Gone in 60 Seconds: Mustang 1967 Shelby GT 500 "Eleanor" (a rare original can sell for several million at auction!) 

4. Thelma and Louise: 1966 Ford Thunderbird convertible. If you are going to die in tragic style, this is a good way to go.  My Dad had a similar model in his swinging single days (he's still alive, fortunately). 

3. Ferris Bueller's Day Off: 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder SWB. Because if you're going to skip school this is the way to go. 

The last two are not yet made famous by movies or TV shows that I know of, but should be!

2. Knight XV ($295,000) - like a Hummer on serious steroids. Surprised that this kind of "don't mess with me" vehicle hasn't gotten famous yet from a movie, like the ones above. 

1. This is actually the car that has Margo written all over it. I don't know why - I just think it's pretty. Go ahead, guess what it is and how expensive. (In real life, when I can't steal my stepd's Mini Cooper, I drive a Chevy Uplander. Oh well. It gets the job done). 
Now you gotta tell me what your dream car is!


  1. I haven't a clue about cars (I don't drive! Yikes!) but I'll have to plonk for James Bond's Aston Martin car in Skyfall!!! Yay! Take care

  2. Ever since I was a little girl I've loved yellow Corvettes. My favorites are the 1970s and early 80s models.

  3. I always had a soft spot for Bond's Lotus that was also a submarine.

  4. The Ferrari from Ferris Bueller is such a beauty :D

    I personally love Audis. They're very classy looking, I think.

  5. Some pretty hot cars you have here. I'm partial to the Mini, but that's probably because that was the car we traveled all over Europe in. From England to Turkey. Then we wound up in Germany and had the car shipped with us on the boat to New York and drove it across the U.S. I cried when we sold that car. I'm partial to Jags, too, but they don't hold the nostalgia the old Mini does.

  6. I'm a bit clueless when it comes to cars except for Nissan. I've always wanted to own a Nissan since I was a kid. lol. maybe someday?
    Or if I have to pick right now it would be a Nissan Altima. :)

  7. I've got to go with the Batmobile from the television series. Although I wouldn't turn down the latest model from the movies either.

  8. He always has an Aston Martin, doesn't he? sticks with the best...

  9. I fell in love with Corvettes in the 80's, thanks to Magnum PI! Forgot to list that one!

  10. My husband just bought a little Nissan truck, it's so cute!

  11. My favorite batmobile was from the 80's Batman movie. Keaton wasn't my favorite batman, but that car, oh yeah

  12. My mom did the same thing with an MGB (shipped it back to the US after driving it around England one summer) and it's still her favorite car from the past.

  13. My stepdaughter flirted with an Audi TT first before choosing the Mini. She would have preferred the Audi, but price was the deciding factor... as it often is!

  14. Which Bond movie was that? I vaguely remember...

  15. Ah these are all beautiful but I especially love the last one!

  16. My favorite one is Mini Coopers which are easy to park and drive in high traffic areas.




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