Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Cleaning Giveaway

 I'm giving away two recent books as part of the Spring Cleaning Giveaway Hop (go here to see lots of other giveaways)- What's Left of Me, by Kat Zhang and Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff.

Let me stress, I'm not giving them away as a result of spring cleaning my bookshelves. I'm giving them away because these are darn good books and I want them to find more readers that will love them!

There will be two winners, enter the Rafflecopter of your choice!

Here's the short info on What's Left of Me.  All children are born with two souls in one body, but after six or seven years, one soul becomes dominant, and the other one fades away. In Eva's case, she doesn't fade away. She stays aware, in the same body as her sister Addie, no longer having any control of her body but still Addie's closest friend. But her hidden presence, if discovered, could mean devastation for both of them.  (Scroll down to read my thoughts on this great book).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And here's the short info on Stormdancer: Japanese steampunk with samurai wielding chainsaw swords, and a girl not afraid to fight to save the last of the mythological thunder tigers (a very cool version of a griffin with lightning in his wings). Chock full of richly detailed and wildly imagined world-building and action. Here's my review on Goodreads.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And here's my review of What's Left of Me. 

The premise of this book was fascinating, two souls in one body. I went into this book practically salivating and came out chewing over ideas and implications. When I read the Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman I was entranced by the idea of a person's soul existing outside his body, contained within an animal, and all issues this raised in the story.

So two separate souls sharing one body - ah, I figured there had to be some interesting implications! Such as control issues - which soul is in control of the voice, physical movement, etc. Romantic issues - another soul always present when you want to be alone with someone? And that's just the tip of iceberg.

This story delivered on its premise, in some ways that I expected, in other ways that surprised me. The author came up with some really neat, unique traits and implications of hybrids (people with two souls). Here's just one of them, for a little sampler. If only I'd had the ability during college...
Mr Conivent quarantined Addie and me at a table close to his desk during study time. Every few minutes, he would look up and stare over at us, checking to make sure we were doing our assignment.... Maybe he assumed we were safer when doing math problems. Maybe he thought they were keeping us occupied, that if our head was a jumble of matrices and obtuse triangles and long division, we wouldn't have room for things like escape plans. It might have been a safe assumption, if we weren't hybrid. Between the two us, Addie and I solved math problems and had all the space in the world to figure out the important things.


  1. Lovely Margo!! What great giveaway!! Good luck to all! take care

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  3. Great giveaway! Thanks.

  4. Ooh...What's Left of Me sounds awesome! Great post. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Elisabeth KauffmanMarch 22, 2013 at 10:57 AM

    Hey, just so you know, I needed one more book to get free shipping on amazon and I came to YOUR BLOG to get ideas. :) You're awesome. Thanks for being such a great and willing resource.

  6. This spring cleaning is one great idea! Thanks also for giving me more books. I'm always on the lookout.



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