Friday, January 6, 2012

Finding creatures in unusual places

IMAGES REMOVED in case of potential copyright violations (7/27/12)

They're hiding everywhere: under your stairs, in the forest, in coral reefs, in the Northern Lights... at least that's my fantasy. I love collecting pictures/photos of beautiful or scary places and imagining what mythical creature might inhabit those places.

As you all know I have this weird thing for mythical creatures - not just the famous ones (dragons, vampires, etc) but also the little known ones, like the Hungarian Vadleány, a forest sprite who seduces shepherds, and the Japanese Aka Manto, a malicious spirit who haunts public and school toilets. See image

Seems like there ought to be a mythical creature or two in this tree. I’m the girl at the bottom, hoping to glimpse one. (image removed)

You’ve heard of the sandman, but did you know about this mythical creature that brings darkness every night? (image removed)

 Okay, this isn't a mythical creature, but as soon as I saw this picture, I thought of Old Kitty and her cat Charlie (wrong color, I know, but I still had to share it, esp. since one of the names on the page is Charlie! (image removed)

And it's a stretch to call this a mythical creature, I know, but I couldn't resist sharing it, either. Forget pillow pets - I’m thinking this will be a new craze - fat unicorns with mohawks.They are called Churbbicorns. see image at

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