Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My dream prom #yaprom

YA Prom is a chance for you to pick your favorite YA boy/girl, find a dress, and attend prom in the YA world, along with a twitter chat at 8:30PM EST, #yaprom. There's still time to link up at the host pages, Queen Ella Bee Reads and Alexa Loves Books

Let's not even think about how long ago it was when I actually went to prom - for Throwback Thursday tomorrow I'll post my old prom pictures here if anyone wants to guess. But the lovely thing about reading Young Adult is that we can live a dozen or more proms with all the dresses and emotions and flutters and theme songs (and pay a lot less).  Here's the dress I picked for this year - I would have picked a deeper purple color, like violet, for the bottom, but it's close enough. 
And for a prom date, I pick Wesley from The Archived and The Unbound books by Victoria Schwab. He's a prep school boy that likes to dress goth. I LOVE that contrast. Here's a little Wes dialogue:

Wes hits the table. “You broke into a crime scene without me?”

“Be glad, Wes, or we both would have been caught.”

“We’re a team, Mac. You don’t go committing a crime without your partner in crime. Besides if I’d been with you, we probably wouldn’t have been caught. I could have stood at the door and made wild bird sounds or something when the cops came back. And if we did get caught, our mug shots would look fabulous."

Here's how I imagine him dressed for "work" (his work is very unusual; it involves policing not-quite-human Histories):
Attribution: Nagate_by_kirasanta on

And here's how I picture him dressed for prom. Forget the standard tux!
Attribution: Jeb_by_fuchsiart on
This is what we would drive to prom, and cruise around town afterward with the top down, because after prom I wouldn't care what the wind would do with my hair. 
1965 Ford Mustang
My YA prom would held in a school gym decorated with swaths of black and tons of tiny black lights to give everything a lovely blueish glow: picture a white wedding with white satin and white twinkle lights but in reverse: everything black and bluish sparkly and twinkly instead (and lots of glow sticks too and dry ice smoke). And half way through we'd all do face painting with glow in the dark paint, because hey, I'm still a kid at heart and I like contrasts like formal dresses and silly face paint. 

You didn't know I was into black so much, did you? (actually, I sort of surprised myself).

The theme song would be the new version of "Once Upon A Dream" that plays at the end of Maleficent with Angelina Jolie.

So that's my YA prom fantasy (for this year, at least).

Take a moment and share a few prom or fancy-night-out ideas of your own.


  1. ohhh...your prom is sooo moody (in a good way) and dramatic! Loving it! I think my fave part is the car...that's a stunner!

  2. Great quote from a great book :) I love your ride & the song you chose - perfect Wesley setting, I think!
    Kaja @ Of Dragons and Hearts (

  3. "Once Upon a Dream" sounds like the perfect theme song for your prom! Very dark and fairytale-ish!

  4. Such a gorgeous outfit! I think this would be the perfect YA Prom! Thanks for taking a look at my post too:)

  5. OMG I LOVE YOUR DRESS! And your date too of course :)

  6. the dress is gorgeous! and I do love that car. ~daphne

  7. Oh my god I'm obsessed with the Lana Del Ray version of Once Upon a Dream! She makes it so freaking creepy. It's amazing.

  8. Love what you'd have Wesley wearing to prom! Awesome date, awesome attire!

  9. My dream is 2 children, 3 floors, 4 wheel :V



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