Tuesday, June 17, 2014

#Bookaday and #BookadayUK

There's nothing better than a month of books. On the scale of things I love, talking about a different book every day a month is right up there with a big wall covered with maps, a big mug with hot steaming tea inside, and a couple recent good movies full of mythical creatures (Maleficent; How To Train Your Dragon II). 
Hiccup and Toothless with a map! (map geek alarm going off here)

Oh look at Hiccup growing up!
The young Maleficent - her own mythical creature
ah, more magic, more mythical creatures... makes me happy

Sorry, I got a bit distracted...

I ran across this image on Twitter and decided to tweet every day in June about books I've read (see my list for June 1-16 below). 

A few days into June there was a big bruhaha about how the #bookaday tag had already been claimed by another group for another challenge, so the tag was changed to #bookadayUK (since the challenge was started by a publisher in the UK). 

I checked out the original #bookaday challenge out too - where instead of just tweeting everyday in June about books read, you actually have to READ A BOOK A DAY. For thirty days. Only for truly serious book lovers, this challenge at the Nerdy Book Club! (Fortunately, picture books are acceptable). I am so tempted to try this next year. 

But for now, here is my June #bookadayUK list so far:

Day 1  Favourite book from childhood: I read Bambi and Bambi's children over and over again from age 8 to 10

Day 2  Best bargain: seriously? all books are a great bargain! You can buy many of them for little more than a grande from Starbucks.

Day 3  Today is a book with a blue cover. The Fault in Our Stars

Day 4   Least favorite book by favorite author: Outlaws of Sherwood by Robin McKinley. Couldn't get past first chp. love Blue Sword!

Day 5  A friend lent me Francis Chan's Crazy Love two years ago and I still haven't returned it. Just need to buy my own copy

Day 6  Books I always give as gifts: the Help by Katheryn Stockett and Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

day 7  Forgot a book I own? Nope. More likely to forget I don't yet own awesome books Doomsday Book, His Majesty's Dragon, Holes

Day 8  I have multiple copies of many C.S. Lewis books - everyone knows he's my favorite! if I love an e-book I'll buy hardcopy too

Day 9  Book with a movie tie in. True story: I discovered Neil Gaiman books because the movie Star Dust.

Day 10 Reminds me of someone I love: I like to think Gandalf is like one of the grandfathers I never got to know.

Day 11 Secondhand book shop gem: recently found Writing Down the Bones, $4, at my local independent book store. Score.

Day 12  Pretend to have read it: Catch 22.

Day 13 Makes me smile:  Holes by Louis Sachar

Day 14 an old favourite:  My Friend Flicka (the reason I moved to Wyoming)

Day 15 favorite fictional father: Atticus in To Kill A Mockingbird

Day 16  Can't believe more people haven't read Linked by Imogen Howsen... space pirates! 

Part of my reasons for doing the #bookadayUK challenge is I'm trying to get more active on Twitter  to promote more excellent books  (and to discover more excellent books) (and connect with other readers and writers). Here's a few great tweets:

Three other things:

1) Otherbound, by Corrine Duyvis, releases today! I just finished reading it, and will have a review up here next week. I'm not sure what attracted me more, this fascinating cover (look at their contrasting expressions!) or the premise of a boy linked into a girl's thoughts - a girl from another world. Whoa.

2) Inspired by Throwback Thursday on Facebook, I'm going to start a book-related Throwback Thursday on this blog. Every other Thursday I'll be posting something from the past - next Thursday it's going to be my memories from my senior prom - along with a related book (Prom Impossible, by Laura Pauling).  I have so many books that I want to highlight, and this will give me the opportunity to pull up some oldies but goodies, too, in addition to new releases.

3) It's now a few minutes past midnight of June 17th and I am off to download and START READING Ruin and Rising, the end of the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo that has just RELEASED. Firebirds!! Darkling! here I come.

What book would be on your #bookaday list?


  1. Awesome you're trying to read a book a day this month. I just can't read that fast. And looking forward to seeing the movies you mentioned.

  2. I've seen and enjoyed these hashtags on Twitter this month. Whatever gets people talking about and reading books is awesome.

  3. Outlaws of Sherwood wasn't my favourite McKinley either (And I ADORE her - I've read every single book of hers. Except for Pegasus. I'm nervous because there's supposed to be a sequel...and it hasn't been written yet...and people have been anxiously waiting...for years....)

    And I love your Throwback Thursday idea!



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