Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A tribute to time travel, and needing more time

I love stories with time travel or time-twists.  The Time Traveler's Wife, Somewhere in Time, Outlander, Time Bandits, the Terminator and Back to the Future movies.... just to name a few. (The Gates of Anubis and Thief of Time are on my TBR list - any other recommendations?)
I wish I could manipulate time like those stories that I so love.

(Btw, if you're looking for my Now Starring blogfest entry, click here or just scroll down a bit).

Right now, don't have enough time to keep up with family, work, writing and blogging. I'm very disappointed with my Round of Words in 80 days progress this past week (1500 words and some revisions, less than half my goal, bad girl!), and while I could easily blame it on Easter, having too much fun hopping around the writing blogs hasn't helped either.

So for the month of May, I'm taking a break from blogging so I can concentrate on getting my WIP finished and meeting my ROW80 goals.

 I am shutting off the internet in my house! Really! (but don't tell the wireless ghost, he may try to sneak in a signal or two).  

I plan to visit my favorite internet cafe once a week for a ROW80 writing update and dropping a few words of encouragement to my fellow ROW80ers, but... that's it for May.

But I promise, DOUBLE PINKY PROMISE after my self-imposed exile, I plan to greedily catch up on all the blogs of my regular commenters in June. In the meantime, if you catch me stopping by in May, please SHOO me away. Please??

I hope my ROW80 friends Susan Quinn, Sheri Larsen and C. Lee McKenzie did better this past week than I did.

I'll be back on May 3rd (briefly) for next week's update and to announce the winner for my Possession ARC giveaway - still time to enter if you are interested!

Oh, and if anyone else loves reading (and writing) about time travel, here's a neat post about time travel devices in fiction.

And ONE more great link - seriously this is so good - everyone should read this and tweet it and figure out a way to get it beyond the internet, too: Theresa Milstein's insights on the blogging community.

Wish me lots of WIP luck, please!

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