Monday, April 11, 2011

Move over iPad, I’ve found something even better

I’ve had my eye on the iPad since it came out and it’s been a serious temptation. The problem is, it’s sort of just a fancy toy, isn’t it? I know it’s great for video and music and e-reading and the Internet, but really, can you WRITE with the darn thing?

Turns out, you can - sort of. Good article: Writing with an iPad - six month review

[speaking of writing. Sneaking in a lightning fast ROW80 update here. Got some SERIOUS revising done this weekend. And 1500 new words.]

My laptop is 9 years old (it's actually my mom's old computer - mine died a tragic death last year). I’ve been saving my pennies for a new one. I can’t afford to buy both a laptop and an iPad.

But… that sleek tablet sure is tempting… especially since you can just slip it into your purse and take it with you EVERYWHERE. And then there's the cool factor. I could care less about cool cars, cool clothes, cool cell-phones, but somehow the tablet coolness caught me.

I’ve talked about this dilemma - laptop vs. tablet - with everyone at work (I work at a shelter for addicted computer geeks). (Well, not really, but it feels that way sometimes). Then on Friday, 5 minutes before 5 pm, our system administrator knocks on my office door and announces. “I’ve found the perfect solution for you.” He directs me to the Dell website, and here is what I found:

The Inspiron Duo - converts between a laptop and a tablet.

A laptop AND a tablet. You have the keyboard you need for serious writing and editing; but you have the tablet you can pop out that switches over to a touch screen for when you feel like going light.
I felt instant connection. This was the sign I’d been waiting for.

This was love at first sight.

While I’m waiting for my new laptop/tablet hybrid to arrive, I am going to stop drooling on my poor long-suffering laptop – it must last just a little longer – and take a moment to thank  a friend for passing on the One Lovely Blog award to me.

A little blurb about Akoss - she's a fellow crusader, one my favoriati commenters (sorry, favorite was just so plain, I had to jazz it up a little), and also one of my crit partners. Here's her blurb: "I do Graphic Design, I love to draw and can actually lose myself into it. However I also like to write and have been seriously crafting my skills since 2009. I write all things fantasy, but love urban fantasy, paranormal, and (newly) steampunk, for YA readers and MG."  She has a wonderful book review blog called the Fantasy Pen and a writing journey blog at Nye Louwon - My Spirit.

She lives in Arizona now, but this is so cool - she was born in and raised Togo! Have you ever met anyone from Togo before? Okay I know not everyone is a geography geek like me - Togo is a country on the west coast of Africa. Ah, the stories I can't wait to read from her! (Akoss this a request: tell us more about Togo, please.)

(I can't help myself. Tell us if Togo has any mythical creatures?)

Passing the award on to some other wonderful commenters who claim to enjoy my recent blathering about online persona and all the oniony layers of me I had to tell everyone about - thank you wonderful people for your support (and patience with my overly loooooooooooooooooooong blog posts).

Sophia Richardson at My Fleet-Footed Self
Saumya at Left and Right Brained
Ghenet Mrythil at All About Them Words
Robin McCormack at My Two Blessings
Sangu Mandanna at Echoes of a Wayward Mind

Tell me what you're saving your pennies for! iPad? Kindle? Laptop? Scrivener? (that's next on my list) ......Ferrari? (we can dream, can't we?!)


  1. Hadn't seen that before, looks cool. Let us know how it handles.

    - mood
    Moody Writing

  2. Enjoy your tablet/laptop hybrid! :-) It looks gorgeous and sleek and yummy!!!! Perfect!!

    Congratulations with your fab award!!!!

    Take care

  3. Ooh! That hybrid is awesome looking!! What will the tech guys come up with next?? I don't have an iPad, but I have Nook and a mini and a desktop. One of those is going to have to die before I can justify another tech gadget!! But I can envy from afar. ;)

  4. Technology just keeps impressing me! And now you've given me a handful more sites to check out. Thanks for that!
    ~ Wendy

  5. whoah! never seen anything like that before. so nice of your administrator to find it for you!

  6. Holy cow that laptop/tablet combo looks awesome. I expect a review when it arrives and an update in, say, two months when you've had time to fall out of love a little bit. Also, a nine year old laptop? Mine barely make the two year mark. Methinks I need to get a life so I stop burning through fans. Thanks so much for the award!
    - Sophia.

  7. Yes, you must keep us posted about your new laptop/tablet hybrid. It looks awesome and now I'll have my eye on it for when my laptop dies. For now, however, my laptop is just fine. And my Kindle is awesome for reading my manuscripts and making revision notes (did you know it could do that?).

    As for Akoss, she is one of my favoriati commenters too! I look forward to her stories about Togo as much as she enjoys my stories of Rwanda.

  8. I saw a commercial for that. Looks cool! But I'll always be a Mac girl :) My PowerBook G4 is seven years old. I hope it lasts many more years!!! I'll be sad sad sad the day it goes hopefully it never will, lol.

    I'm saving my pennies for a HOUSE!!!

  9. Wow! Have we just walked into an episode of the Jetsons or what? :)

  10. Oh dear...I'm afraid I'm not up with the new technology at all. I hear about it all, and it all sounds great, but then I go spend my extra money on olives and cheese instead :) I'm weak.

  11. I got a new laptop recently (a Macbook Pro) which I love buit that laptop/tablet duo looks SO cool! I'm curious to hear what you think when you start using it.

    Congrats on getting so much done for ROW80! And thanks so much for passing on the award!! :D

  12. Now THAT is neat *_* And exactly what I'd want. Aaaah *saves pennies*

  13. That does look nice! Something to consider when it's time to replace my laptop.

  14. I've been wanting an iPad2, but that is a cool looking gadget.

  15. I have a Kindle and Scrivener - both which I love. Someday I'd love a laptop. LIke a nice on. I could careless about an iPad. I don't even have a cell phone yet. #ihateadmittingthat

    Glad you are moving on your revisions!

  16. I had the same dilemna...iPad or no? I already have a Kindle, so I dont need the iPad for reading, I already have an iTouch, so is a bigger version really necessary? (It really is about the coolness factor). But I do LOVE the Dell hybrid. I'm thinking of upgrading my Dell soon, so this may be the one! Thanks for the post.

  17. This was my reaction while reading your post:
    and then O.O some more.
    You are golden for making me sound so cool. :-)

    Now about that Inspiron Duo, maybe I should start saving for xmas like right now. It looks Amazing!!!

  18. Oh and about Mythical Creatures, there are plenty, but most of them are left unknown and my goal as a writer is to be able to introduce as many of them as I can to readers out there.
    My culture is mainly oral like many other cultures in Africa. I hope that one day it will get the chance to live through my published stories and reach future generations.

  19. Wow, I'm practically salivating looking at that iPad tablet thingy. I don't have anything like that. But oh man, would love love love. SO cool the things they come up with now.

    Also, congrats on your award!! :D

  20. Interesting gadget, sure makes the ipad more appealing. I went through the same dilemma when I needed to replace my laptop. In the end I went for the laptop, and I'm still glad I did. I wasn't crazy about writing with Pages and I love that I can have two screens open at the same time on my 17" wide screen.

    Though, if that had been around, I might (except for the price) I might've been tempted!

  21. Very neat! I opted for a "cheapie" netbook. I tried typing on an iPad and it was just too awkward. Your gadget is cool. Out of my price range, I'm sure, tho.

  22. I'm not interested in the iPad (love my iPod Touch, tho, for reading romance suspenses), but a new laptop would be nice. :D

  23. Okay, I will want to know how the dual machine works. That's definitely drool-worthy. I can't remember, did you read my post where I linked to my friend with the ipad writing walk-through video? I guess it's belated for you now, but I, too, have the tablet bug. ;D Congrats on the award and thanks for all the links! Sounds like a bunch of cool folks to visit. ;D

  24. Aren't you wonderful. Thank you so much for passing on the award. I'm enjoying your posts, oniony layers and all. *grin*

    That is one cool gizmo! However, I'm happy with my current laptop. I'm saving my pennies for a trip to Europe. My dream, Ireland.

  25. It looks cool, but I stand by my MAC stuff!!! :D No matter what I hope you enjoy it. And congrats on the award!!

  26. Gosh, it's a tough choice to make! I have an iPad. Love it!

    That laptop/tablet is pretty cool too. ;)

  27. So many choices that I am not sure what to save my pennies for anymore. They keep changing and updating everything so much.

  28. Yeah, that looks like a perfect combo. You must let us know how you like it.

    And also, the IPad is also a bad procrastinator tool because I just use it to waste time. LOL.

  29. Wow - how cool is that. Right now I'm saving my pennies for a trip with my DH sometimes this year.

  30. Your laptop is 9 years old! Do NOT tell my hubby that. haha.... I'm off the read about writing with an iPad. Thanks.

  31. Right now I am praying my four year old laptop lives longer!! But yes you made me drool:)

  32. Oh, and I thought I had seen it all. This one's so much better! I love it!

  33. I'm drooling over your laptablet. Can't wait to hear more. :)



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