Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why I love werewolves

How do I love thee, oh beautiful wolves of Mercy Falls? Let me count the ways....

But first, here's why I'm gushing about wolves.

The amazing Lisa Gail Green of Paranormal Point of View is having a contest - she's giving away copies of Shiver and it's sequel Linger, by Maggie Stiefvater. The contest ends tonight! Even if you already have these books, stop by her blog anyway because if you love any mythical critter, this is the place for you. She currently has posted the most hilarious ABC rhyme about vampires. I'm so forwarding that on to everyone I know!

Lisa also posts "Monday Madness" where she'll study a blogger friend or author and give insight on to what type of paranormal personality they have. I was curious about myself, so I asked her for an analysis. She pinned me perfectly as a gnome, not the red-hatted variety (thank goodness! - I don't want my name to be synonymous with the Travelocity gnome) but the intellectual Gnome that loves nothing more than to bury itself in a big library and study.
Oh, so me!
This girl is accurate, I tell you. You should see how well she's pinpointed the paranormal side of Liv Tyler and Miley Cyrus, and Lindsey Lohan and Robert Pattinson.

Okay, so I fully admit to being a gnome, but here's what I wish I was more of: a werewolf. Because werewolf books top my list of favorite books:
  • the later books in the Twilight series (and NOT just because of Jacob, I love Seth and Leah too)
  • the yummy Lord Macon from Soulless and its sequel by Gail Carriger
  • the angsty Daniel and Jude from Bree Despain's the Dark Divine
  • and my all time favorite, Sam's pack of wolves in Shiver
Why is Sam's pack my favorite of the fictional furries? Simply, they are the most wolf-like. And the story is beautifully written. And it's a love story. It has intense parts, and it has funny parts. If you aren't convinced about Shiver yet, here's my review/analysis of it.

I have loved real wolves starting when I read two classics, Farley Mowat's Never Cry Wolf and Jean Craighead George's Julie of the Wolves, when I was 11 years old.
My love of wolves intensified when a conservation group showed up at my college to give a talk, while a young wolf roamed around the auditorium (okay, he was on a leash, and we weren't allowed to touch) but he came close enough that I could look right into his yellow intense eyes and realize that this animal was still wild, even though he'd been raised in captivity.

Ever since then wild and wolf have been two interchangeable words for me. The wolf so perfectly defines the spirit of the wilderness. And in werewolves, humans can sort of borrow that spirit of true wildness for themselves, through the wonders of storytelling.

So I'm in love with wolves and werewolves and I'm howling to read Linger, I was just about to buy it when Lisa offered this contest so I thought I'd use the opportunity to gush about it and maybe win it! And by the way, Lisa, my raving about your vampire ABC's and Monday Madness is not a ploy to win that extra 25 points. Those are rave worthy, regardless of any darn points!

So what's your favorite paranormal critter and why?

PS. I moved to Wyoming just when the wolves were first released to repopulate Yellowstone in 1994, and lived through the intense controversy it aroused, and understood both sides of the debate. I understand the ranchers' concerns, but they do get reimbursed for their losses, and I love it that the wolves are flourishing and are spreading across my state.


  1. Wow! Thanks, Margo!! You make me blush! I'll try not to let your flattery influence my decision... OR MAYBE I WILL. You never know. :D Very cool story about the wolf though.

  2. A friend had a part-wolf dog which was one of the most intelligent animals I've come across. Made my cats look really dumb in comparison.

  3. I think Kevin Costner's experience, feeding the wolf from his hand even when it was not part of the director's instruction, has always fascinated me. I think anyone who loves dogs (as do I) can't help but be fascinated with their wilder cousins.

  4. Yay for the wolves!! They're such an essential part of the wild world that it's great to learn that they are flourishing where they are not being persecuted for being wolves! It's like, hey humans, we don't own the planet, we SHARE!

    Anyway, sorry, nuff of my ranting! I ADORE werewolves! They connect to the most primal of instincts and yet have the most complex of personalities!

    Awww I can see you as a very Intelligent Gnome esconced in a great big library!

    Take care

  5. I like how passionate you are about wolves! I think they're really cool, too.

    I'm not sure what my favorite paranormal creature is, though that may seem lame...I guess it depends on the book.

    Thanks for the visit and the follow! :)

  6. What a brilliant post. Thank you for thw awesome links!

    If I had to choose a favourite paranormal critter, and I love most of them, I'd say Zombies. All that scabby ooziness makes me laugh.

  7. Wolves are very enigmatic creatures. Any time Harvey gives a howl in his sleep my husband says "well, of course he used to be a wolf you know." Which I suppose he did, in the dim and distant past.

  8. I like Julie of the Wolves, too! That's such a great book.

    Huskies have always been my favorite dogs. They're so beautiful and look so much like wolves!

    I don't have a favorite paranormal critter...but I think mermaids and dragons are super awesome!!!

  9. My favorite paranormal critter would be a werewolf too - I think because I just got done reading the Darkest Power series and really liked the werewolf character. Same feeling with Harry Potter's Remus Lupin. :)

  10. Those wolves are enchanting creatures and gnomes, especially the intellectual kind, are fantastic. Glad you were happy with Lisa's choice for you. I couldn't complain either. She pinned me as a Hobbit. I <B Hobbits!

  11. Wolves are beautiful creatures and I love a lot of the stories that are surrounded by wolves. They are enchanting, magical, beautiful creatures.

    Reminder - Guess that Character Blogfest is this Thursday and Friday! Look forward to describing your character!

  12. Hi Margo
    Thanks for the follow.
    I have to join you, and everyone else, because wolves are my favourite creatures.
    I have an almost identical picture, as your wolf from this post, pinned over my desk - he keeps me writing-it-like-it-is.

  13. Good luck! I hope you win the book. I'm not really big into paranormal, but if we say straight fantasy, I'll pick a mermaid. I'd love to live "under the sea" for awhile. :o)

    I love wolves too and had to deal with some political issues with them when I was a Sensitive Species Biologist. They're definitely sensitive all right! (In more ways than one.)

    Have a great week, Margo!

  14. My favourite critter. Humans! If we're fictional we can be whatever we like. ;o)

    Are you a writer? Then you MUST enter this CONTEST!

  15. Margo ~ Have you read the David Eddings series that starts with "Pawn of Prophecy"? There is a fabulous central character, an uber-cool sorcerer named Belgarath, who transforms into a wolf.

    I don't know my favorite paranormal creature! If *I* were one, I'd probably be some sort of nocturnal water sprite. I love to stay up late. I love water. I love the idea of an element (tree, fire, earth) that has some sort of inner spirit. Like the naiads and dryads in Narnia! So fun to think about!

  16. Wolves are gorgeous animals but they scare me. When it comes to paranormal I'm going to go the safe route and say angels! :)

  17. I much prefer werewolves to vampires! They are like free spirits living in the wild, humans with a closer link to nature than the rest of us. Plus they're HOT...vampires are so cold and calm and pale and corpse-like...ugh!

    Can you tell I'm on Team Jacob and not Team Edward? ;)

  18. You guys made me smile with your paranormal picks - scabby,oozey Zombies, mermaids and dragons, nocturnal water sprites (why nocturnal?), and angels.

    I have a confession: werewolves are high on my list, but my FAVORITE is actually a tie between unicorns and dragons. Unicorns because they are so pure and ethereal, and dragons because they are so powerful and unpredictable.

    Molly - I did read with the Belgariad series back in college but I don't remember the sorceror who could turn into a wolf! Wow, I think I need to read it again.



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