Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Building a platform

"Writers need a platform; we need to get our name out there and build an audience for our work for when we do have a book in hand."

From the article, Creating the Breakout Blog: a platform guide for the pre-published writer. Another article on why it's important to start building a platform: Building a framework for your authorial success.

When I started this blog I tried to think of something to do with writing that would be helpful both for myself and for other writers out there. After I finish I really good book, I like to go back and figure what made the book the work - what specific things about the writing hooked me.

So I decided to start analyzing books for regular posts. Not only does it benefit me to take the time to figure out what that author did, but it might also benefit some other readers.

Here's the books I've analyzed so far.

What's your writing platform? Or what is unique about your writing blog?

Leave a comment so I can come visit.

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