Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Writer's Baker's Dozen

I am taking the plunge this year and plan to enter MSFV's Baker's Dozen Contest, which I've followed avidly every fall for several years now, but never felt ready enough with my manuscript to participate. Until now.

The Baker's Dozen Agent Auction is MSFV's biggest event of the year. Sixty 250-word entries, hand-picked by Jodi Meadows and Authoress, will be placed on the auction block for agents to bid on (with requests for pages, up to a full manuscript request). It bears the name "Baker's Dozen" because the original auction in 2010 included 13 agents--a baker's dozen.

As per Authoress' request (Miss Snark's First Victim herself) I am posting this to help spread the word about the Baker's Dozen auction.

Fellow writers/readers, this auction is GREAT entertainment to watch. It is so much fun to pick which books you'd bid on, and then see what agents agree and if a bidding war starts.

And it's incredibly helpful (as was WriteOnCon, which I participated in this year) for figuring out what's hot in the market and what's not, and to get familiar with individual agents and their tastes.

If you're interested in more about the Baker's Dozen, here's the link again!

Update: here's my entry for Star Tripped!


  1. Lovely Margo!! Wishing you all the best and all the luck with this!!! Huge congrats on taking the plunge! Sounds like manic fun! Take care

  2. Neat event! I clicked over to check out the details.

  3. How exciting! That's awesome. That really is a big deal but very exciting! I'd be nervous just thinking about it!



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