Friday, February 1, 2013

My top 100 movies (Nathan Bransford's challenge)

Forgot a top ten list! Nathan Bransford challenges us to list our top 100 movies. Go to his post to see his top 100 movies and a bunch of other bloggers' lists too. From these lists there are at least a dozen more movies I want to see, including City of God, North by Northwest (how have I missed this one?) and Donnie Darko.

The first 20 or so are in order, the rest are pretty much random.

1.       Casablanca
2.       The Empire Strikes Back
3.       The Horse Whisperer
4.       The King’s Speech
5.       Gladiator
6.       Witness 
7.       How to Train Your Dragon
8.      Anna Karenina (1995)
9.       The Shawshank Redemption
10.   It's a Wonderful Life
11.    The Outsiders
12.    Star Wars
13.    Monty Python and the Holy Grail
14.    Déjà Vu
15.    Master and Commander
16.    The Wizard of Oz
17.    Gone With the Wind
18.   The Godfather
19.    Giant  (James Dean AND Elizabeth Taylor, wow)
20.  Glory
21.     Ferris Bueller's Day Off  
22.   Shrek
23.   Sleeping Beauty (because of Maleficent)
24.   The Princess Bride
25.   The 10 Commandments
26.   Ben Hur (the chariot race scene still rocks)
27.   Silence of the Lambs
28.   Les Miserables (1998)
29.   Persuasion (1995)
30.   Crimson Tide
31.    Hunt for Red October
32.   Seabiscuit
33.   Terminator and Terminator II
34.   The Incredibles
35.   Blade Runner
36.   Avatar
37.   Contact
38.   Inception
39.   Armageddon
40.   My Big Fat Greek Wedding
41.    The Painted Veil
42.   Shadowlands
43.   Back to the Future
44.   The Blind Side
45.   Speed
46.   A Time to Kill
47.   Man on Fire
48.   Courage Under Fire
49.   Steel Magnolias
50.   The Sixth Sense
51. I, Robot
52.   Gattaca
53.   The Island
54.   Thelma and Louise
55.   The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
56.   Life is Beautiful
57. The Little Princess (1939 with Shirley Temple)
58.   The Hobbit (2012)
59.   Remember the Titans
60.   Dances With Wolves
61.    The English Patient
62.   Star Trek (2009)
63.   The Help
64.   Airplane!
65.   The Green Mile
66.   Monsters Inc
67.   The Pursuit of Happyness
68.   Close Encounters of the Third Kind
69.   The Prince of Egypt
70.   Down Periscope
71.    Apollo 13
72.   Forrest Gump
73.   Raiders of the Lost Ark
74.   Lions for Lambs
75.   Robin Hood (2010)
76. Juno
77.   Up
78.   Crash
79.   La Femme Nikita
80.  Indochine
81.   Chariots of Fire
82.   The Ghost and the Darkness
83.   Jaws
84.   Traffic
85.   The Road Warrior

101.   Dead Poet's Society (a late addition!) 

Sentimentals (maybe not great movies but something about them stuck with me)
86.   Stepmom
87.   LadyHawke
88.  Stardust
89.   Beauty and the Beast (Disney)
90.   Toy Story 2
91.    Legend (1985)  oh, the unicorns!
92.   Excalibur
93.   Ice Age
94.   Finding Nemo
95.   Stargate
96.   Dirty Dancing

97. Thor (because of Loki)

98. Bambi

99. The Lion King

100. The Avengers

This was surprisingly fun and challenging! What movies are you scratching your head wondering why in the world they didn't make my list?? (grin)


  1. You have several of my favorites on your list. I don't think I've got broad enough horizons in the movie world to do this challenge but I've enjoyed seeing the listsl.

  2. I just saw Les Miserables (2012!) and cried all the way through!! A total must-see! :-)

    And I experienced the joy of How to Train Your Dragon over Christmas when it was shown on telly and LOVED it!!!! Yay!

    Take care

  3. I think I've seen only about 13 movies from your list. Shame on me? XD

  4. Great list!!! I agree with SO many of these. But where is Lord of the Rings? :)

  5. The majority of the movies I've seen in the past few years are kids movies. I haven't seen too many adult movies lately. Good think I enjoy kids' movies. :)

  6. I'm surprised and a bit proud to find that we have quite a significant amount of favorite movies in common. :)

  7. So far mine is the only list with How to Train Your Dragon. So glad you loved it too!

  8. No, no shame. THere are soooo many out there. If I weren't such a book addict, I'd be trying to see more movies on other people's lists

  9. The Lord of the Rings movies were wonderful, I LOVED the actors and the cinematography. But for some reason they didn't click as favorites. Possibly because I am so passionate about the books. Now the Hobbit book I never got as crazy about, but I absolutely love the movie (? I'm an odd duck ?)

  10. Love to hear what your favorite kids movies are! I sure have a lot of them on my list.

  11. Yay!!! You should post at least your top 10 or 20 so we can compare!!!

  12. I don't think I could have come up with 100 either, but as i read other people's lists I started remembering lots of great movies. Now I want to re-watch a bunch of them.

  13. You've got great taste in movies!

    Indochine almost made it to my list, but just barely missed it. In fact, a few of yours just barely missed my list.

  14. No James Bond? No Gone with the Wind? No Cary Grant? :)

  15. Fantabulous list. I can't believe how many of these I have on DVD or Bluray.



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