Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Top Ten things that make me go "oooo la la!"

Did you know that top ten lists can help your writer's voice?

Holly Lisle has an excellent, I mean seriously Exxxxxxcellent  article on 10 ways to find your voice, and  the advice in #4 says:

Make endless lists — one-word lists of the things that excite you, the things that scare you, the things that you dream and fantasize about and hope for, the things you dread and fight to avoid. It is absolutely essential that these words have some special meaning to you. Great topics for lists are: childhood memories; dreams and nightmares; ten gifts I’d give myself with magic; if I could spend a million dollars, I’d buy...; what I want most in the world; what I’d do anything to avoid; things that are creepy; things that are s*xy.

I love sharing top ten lists of things I love, and now I come to find out that it can help me find my voice! Check out the article for more details on how this works. But as for me, I'm jumping right into this game with one of those lists she suggests up above. Hmmn, guess which one???

10. When a swimmer flexes his back

9. A man wearing an old-fashioned hat

8. A guy recounting a story and really getting into it

7. A nerd pretending to be a hero. 

6. A guy holding flowers behind his back.

5. A man in kilts

4. A man riding a horse 

3. A man that likes both classical music and Led Zeppelin

2. A man that kisses your hand

1. A guy that that loves to read and talk about books

Just in case you're wondering, my husband qualifies very well on at least five things from this list (grin).

What makes you go ooooo la la??? (keep it G rated please!)

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