Friday, March 9, 2012

Mythical books with horns and wings

IMAGES REMOVED in case of potential copyright violation (7/27/12)

Welcome to another edition of Mythical Madness - but instead of featuring mythical creatures today, I'm featuring mythical books. Sort of. (Sorry, no bookish horns or wings. That was just a fun thought and silly title).

Clarification: there are lots of books about myths, but that's not what I mean.

To my thinking, a mythical book would be a book that plays a part in a myth, and I know I've come across stories where the hero or heroine has to search for a mysterious or magical book that contains a secret or clue or spell... or books that write themselves... books that erase themselves... but for some reason I can't recall the names of the stories or myths or the books themselves (help!)

So, in lieu of actual books from myths, I present some magical pictures of books.

I live my life by this famous quote from C.S. Lewis -  You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.

This picture is called Dragon Tamer, by Lynn Lupetti, and it tempts me to write a story about dragons that cannot be conquered by the sword but only by words read-out-loud from a magic book. (image removed)

These books are so magical that they bring life to to the bookshelf they inhabit: (image remove)

Another magical bookshelf (image removed: a girl climbing a giant bookshelf where the books are as large as her) that inspires stories in my head about what kind of books a giant might read (just the thought of a book-reading giant instead of your typical club-wielding giant is delightful, isn't it?)

And please, PLEASE tell me about any magical or mysterious books from myths you might have heard of.

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