Friday, February 10, 2012

Who was your 80's crush?

In the spirit of fun, easy & frivolous, Nicki Elson has teamed up w/ fellow 80s girls Suze from Analog Breakfast and M. Pax from Wistful Nebulae to ask you one simple question: 

Who was/is your 80s celebrity crush? 

I have a confession to make. At age 13, in 1983, my crush was not David Hasselhoff. No, it was KITT - his car. Hasselhoff wasn't bad to look at, but he was kinda corny. But KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) was cool. The TV show Knight Rider was a great concept - a modern day knight with a super fast, super cool nearly indestructible talking car (with a little bit of attitude).
Okay, I'm totally cheating here because I'm listing ALL my top crushes. KITT won my vote for top celebrity crush, but just barely. I had so much fun revisiting the 80's - seriously, is just me, or do you fall in love with a LOT of things when you are teenager? Here's just a few people (and things) that I dreamed about, night and day, for - oh a few months, until something new came along:

~ The Flashdance Soundtrack. I still get shivers when I hear Irene Cara's "What a Feeling". Yes, I was crushing on a soundtrack. It represented a girl who goes for her dream against all odds - that's a better crush than any cute guy, I think!

~ Prince.  It started with Little Red Corvette (again, I think part of the crush was the car) and turned into a serious crush with Purple Rain.

~Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran. When I googled his image, I fell in love all over again. Then again, I think it was song and video Hungry Like the Wolf that I was really in love with.

~Don Johnson - or rather, Sunny Crockett from Miami Vice. Or maybe I was actually crushing on his style, I'm not sure.  Please, bring back those adorable blazers.

~The volleyball scene in Top Gun. Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer were both pretty crushable, but put them on opposite sides of a beach volleyball net - um, how many times did I replay that scene?  

~ the dance scenes in Dirty Dancing. Patrick Swayze was good crush material too, but it was the combination of him and Baby and the music that made me fall in love. In fact, I have this theory that teenage crushes are actually more about the music. We associate the guys with the music and that's the magic that turns them into crushes. What do you think?

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