Friday, January 13, 2012

Mythical madness

IMAGES REMOVED in case of potential copyright violation (7/27/12)

Welcome to another Friday Mythical Madness, in which I take images found on Tumblr and imagine mythical creatures to go with them. The plan is to come up with new creative ideas, but really that's just an excuse for the fun addiction that Tumblr is.

Now, pretend you are a child  like the one in this image, with an imaginary forest of plants and animals sprouting up around you. When these plants photosynthesize, they sprout all sorts of magical things. See image

An old cathedral or palace overgrown by nature is a perfect dwelling for mythical creatures. This made me hypothesize that if enough moss grows on an old statue, it can come to life. See image

Mythical creatures also live in space. This picture of the Orion nebula looks like a huge moth made of stars.

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