Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Christmas Horse

I'm sure we all know someone who has the perfect child. Gets straight A's in school, excels at sports or music or both, never seems to give their parents any trouble (at least that they tell us about).

My kids all have problems of some sort - nothing major (thank heavens!) They require help like speech therapy, or physical therapy (for one of my preemie twins), or vision therapy for dyslexia. My oldest girl is borderline A.D.D. at school, is a very reluctant reader, is 9 years old but already has a 13 year old attitude. But when an idea takes hold of this girl, she takes off! This Christmas, entirely without prompting, she wrote and illustrated a Christmas story, and of course being a proud mama I have to share it (adorable spelling errors and all)

The Christmas Horse

A young horse was a good horse but the hrose did not have any friends. One night the horse was sleeping and a nois woke her up. The hores saw a man in red and white. The horse was scard. "I do not want to be stolen!" said the horse. "Stop! Stop!"
"I will not hert you, girl," the man said.
"Then who are you?" said the horse.
"I am Father Chrismis," said the man.
"Then Farthe Chrismis why did you come?"
"I came because you would like a friend."
"Well come with me!" So they went into the night.
Father Chrismis said "do you want to fly?"
"Well, I lost my slay [sleigh] so I cannot get home." Then Father Christmas grapped a bag and said: "Let the horse fly." and the horse floo off with Father Chrismis and they became best friends forever."

My daughter doesn't realize that she just gave me the best possible Christmas present she could possibly give!

What's the best "home-made" Christmas gift you've ever received?


  1. Enjoy the rest of the season too, but I think you've already reached the high point.

  2. OMG Margo! That's beautiful. Keep it forever. I especially love the line "and the horse floo off with Father Chrismis and they became best friends forever." Precious! It's so much fun what these kids come up with, isn't it? I tweeted the other day that my son said, "what if Santa had to deliver presents on a full moon, and he'd been bitten by a werewolf?" Definitely my genes. :D

  3. Her horse drawing is really good! It's so rewarding to see our children grow and begin to find their niches.

  4. You must be so proud! What a great story and gift for you! When my three boys were little, we made a shirt that I wore for years, until it about fell apart. It was a simple white t-shirt and I decorated it using their hand-prints in paint. They were too young to remember doing it but they do remember the shirt because last year I got a new one. But tiny hands don't adorn it - these are big, man-boy hands because they're all teens now. I won't wear the shirt because I'm afraid I'll ruin it. It's tucked away with the remnants of the old one for me to cherish on those days in the not-too-distant future when they're all out of the house.

    Merry Christmas!!

  5. The horse 'floo' oh my goodness that is adorable.

  6. Awwwww what a beautiful lovely story!!! Yay for your daughter -she's an artist just like mum!!!

    I love my family's home cooking when I visit - they make extra special effort because I'm a vegetarian and they're not but they always make the effort!! Take care

  7. That's so cute! Great illustration too!

  8. Love it!! What an awesome story. Homemade gifts are truly the best :)

    Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  9. I've received hand-made cards from students.

    Judging from your post, I see another budding writer....

  10. Oh, that's lovely, Margo. What a wonderful Christmas present.

    The best home-made gift I ever received was a set of tree decorations. Many years ago, someone gave me a Christmas tree but at the time I had little money and couldn't afford to buy decorations. My friend knitted some for me! I still have them and they are all the more precious since my friend died when she was only 31.

  11. Kay - yes, I think this story is the highlight of the Christmas season, for me!

    Lisa - oh, I loved your son's comment about Santa and the werewolf! Apparently you're not the only one in your house with a paranormal point of view!

    Kristie - loved your description of the shirt worn almost to shreds and the new one you'll hardly wear! These are the true treasures in life!

    Rosslyn - I think she partly traced that picture; but since the writing is completely her own, I don't mind :)

    Amie - spelling errors do sometimes have their own charm - esp. when kids spell phonetically!

    Old Kitty - it is always so nice when friends/family remember our particular culinary tastes.

    Vicki, Jemi, Medeia - thank you for your comments.

    Christine - what a precious gift from your friend.

  12. That's a wonderful story. Wishing a very happy Christmas to you and yours. x

  13. That's adorable! :o) Thanks for sharing. I loved all her spelling errors especially! My favorite things are homemade gifts, especially from the kids.

    I'm glad you had a great holiday, Margo!!

  14. I love it! That would be my favorite Christmas present as well :) You might have a talented young budding author on your hands!! Hope you had a great holiday, and Happy New Year, Margo!



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