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Star Tripped
young adult science fiction

Seventeen year old Cam desperately wants to believe in the mysterious boy who promises he can restore her sight. But when she discovers his ex's memories implanted in her mind, she’s not sure if it’s her or the other girl inside her that’s in love with him.

A short excerpt here and more about the main character here.

A Handful of Scars
young adult historical fantasy

Branded with the mark of a traitor on her hand, Sidain flees her country to find refuge among the savage Huns. There she discovers a hunnish myth that might help her return home, and a hunnish boy that might tempt her to stay.

A few more details here and a short excerpt here.

Raining Toward Heaven
Christian women's fiction

When Rowen wished she could go back in time to before her marriage started falling apart, she never expected she would actually get her wish.

A short excerpt here.

middle grade fantasy

 In order to save the last remaining refuge of the unicorns, Selty needs help from her worst enemy: a human girl.

A few more details here and here.
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