I read a lot and write stories, work part-time as a digital cartographer and GIS analyst at the University of Wyoming, and homeschool my daughters. I love riding horses with my family, hiking in the mountains, lunch with friends, and conversations on history, geography, teaching, spiritual matters and books, of course. I used to love to travel, not so much now, but I still love to see the world in new ways. I met Jesus when I was 23 and have been follower ever since, though I don't follow very well and I'm always getting lost.

If you'd like to know more about me, here's some stuff I've posted on:

My journey as a writer, and my delusion that writing at high altitude gives me an edge.

My ten favorite things and ten of my thoughts on various things.

What I'm passionate about.

Fellow writer Akoss Ket interviews me: in which I reveal my issues with lawnmowers, mythical creatures, and the importance of a proper cup of tea (also pasted below)

The themes connecting all my writing, and my life. Seeing the world in a new way.

Nutschell also interviewed me (2013)

You can contact me at berendsen70 at yahoo dot com.

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